Mr. Robert Ahiabenu is a proficient and experienced professional educator and school leader.


During the past thirteen years, he has served as head of school, held several competitive leadership and management positions, and taught in some reputable Cambridge curriculum schools in Tema and in Accra. Additionally, he is an educational consultant and a certified senior human resource professional (SPHRi).

As a passionate school leader who has focus on the quality, access, and relevance of education, he has a depth of experience in growing and raising standards in schools. He also has a knack for harnessing a balanced school programme for learners to develop informed curiosity to explore and possess a learned mind for critical analysis and a holistic approach to problem-solving.

He believes that the learner must be at the heart of any progressive educational paradigm so he emphasizes the need for effective differentiation in teaching and learning. Success in education must be measured on the basis of the success of each child at a time. As a result, continuous professional development of the teacher is a key element of his leadership because the teacher must be adequately prepared to embrace the fast-changing trends in international education in order that the learner will derive the optimum benefit.   

Mr. Ahiabenu is a product of the University of Ghana, Legon, and Human Resources Certification Institute, USA. His diverse academic and professional education credentials transcend the fields of psychology, education, sociology, leadership, social work, human resources, and communications. Besides being a professional educator, he personally enjoys interacting with learners, a highly coveted attribute in the field of education