The founder of the School

The founder of the School, Mrs. Dorothy Vivian Nnoma Addison, with the support of her husband, Mr. Frederick Ransford Nnoma- Addison gave birth to this great vision that is thriving to this day on the 28th of September 1970.

From 1968 to 1969,

From 1968 to 1969, she developed a keen interest in Pre-school education and helped to establish and run a number of nursery schools at the Burma Camp (in the military zone) and other places in Accra. Later in that year she was invited to take full control of Fortie Memorial School, a flourishing Nursery School at Kaneshie and it was during that period that she was inspired to prepare herself to establish her own school.

In 1978 she pursued programmes with the London Kent and Surrey Educational Authorities.

In 1978 she pursued programmes with the London Kent and Surrey Educational Authorities where she was introduced to Pre-school Education and creative learning and learnt at the centre for Learning Resources, London Information Centre and at the National Children Bureau. Also, she visited a lot of infant schools in London Kent and Surrey and shared ideas and had discussions with educational advisors.

From a humble beginning as Labone Nursery School

From a humble beginning as Labone Nursery School, exactly on Monday the 28th of September 1970, at the porch of Hse No. D7 Labone Estates, in Accra, Ghana, a vision was formed, a dream to create a balanced environment for the child to use as a stepping stone to begin a successful academic journey through life, a dream to help tap and nurture the God-given potential deposited in the life of the child so he would find true meaning in life. Six children formed the nucleus of the school, of which two were her biological children. The furniture were two long benches and ten small chairs with a beautiful blue and white gate to the porch at the main entrance, designed by Mr. F. R. Nnoma Addison, husband to the founder of the school. The original blue colour of the school was obtained from this design. As the number of pupils increased to 25, the garage was transformed into a classroom and the children were moved from the porch. Back then, people took it as a joke and called it the “garage school” mocking and discouraging the founder. It took determination and focus, God being the architect, to turn that mustard seed that was sowed on that soil to take root and grow, thus the school moved into its current premises on the 26th of February 1988, Hse. No. F35/7, 1st, Labone st. Since then, there has been expansion to enhance the accommodation. The school now occupies a blue twin two storey-buildings and currently houses over five hundred pupils, with a total of ninety (90) teaching and non-teaching staff.


To be the ultimate educational institution in the child development sector, with a focus on offering exceptional training to every child in our care.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew19:14 New International Version (NIV)


  • We utilise the most innovative and creative approach in our child development training, adhering to the following values;
  • Providing a home environment for all children in our care and inculcating in them moral values
  • Ensuring equal educational opportunities for every child in our care
  • Offering an outstanding and excellent service to parents and guardians of children in our care
  • Preparing children to acquire the requisite foundation for academic excellence


  • Helping to tap the child’s God-given potential.
  • Guiding the child through purposeful activity and aimed at developing basic skills which would ultimately lead to smooth transition to regular education.
  • Properly grooming and equipping each child with the necessary skills needed for good performance.
  • Assisting the child to perform constructive, valuable and useful acts by developing basic skills.
  • Offering excellent training and direction necessary for attaining self- perfection at the formative years of the child.
  • Offering excellent training and direction necessary for attaining self- perfection at the formative years of the child.
  • Positively developing the interest of the child in creative skills.

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