Memorial School

Dolly Memorial is a close-knit educational community that promotes the academic and social development of all students in a safe, friendly environment. .

The Baby Zone is a department in the school which caters for babies from three (3) months to one (1) year with an excellent team of nannies

The Creche department consists of Hibiscus (1-2 year olds) and Pre-nursery (2-3year olds) .

As preschoolers gain more self-esteem, they may feel ready to take on the world.

Download and complete an application form and submit it at the school. Admission forms are sold ONLY when there is vacancy. Purchase an admission form, complete it and follow the directions on the payment of fees. The required prospectus is made available when an admission form is purchased. After payment of fees, your child may start on an agreed date when the admission form is completed and the fees fully paid for.

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In our bid to provide holistic training for our cherished pupils, we create an environment for them to engage in many activities which add up to their academic knowledge


To be the ultimate educational institution in the child development sector, with a focus on offering exceptional training to every child in our care.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew19:14 New International Version (NIV)


  • We utilise the most innovative and creative approach in our child development training, adhering to the following values;
  • Providing a home environment for all children in our care and inculcating in them moral values
  • Ensuring equal educational opportunities for every child in our care
  • Offering an outstanding and excellent service to parents and guardians of children in our care
  • Preparing children to acquire the requisite foundation for academic excellence


  • Helping to tap the child’s God-given potential.
  • Guiding the child through purposeful activity and aimed at developing basic skills which would ultimately lead to smooth transition to regular education.
  • Properly grooming and equipping each child with the necessary skills needed for good performance.
  • Assisting the child to perform constructive, valuable and useful acts by developing basic skills.
  • Offering excellent training and direction necessary for attaining self- perfection at the formative years of the child.
  • Offering excellent training and direction necessary for attaining self- perfection at the formative years of the child.
  • Positively developing the interest of the child in creative skills.

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