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If you are new to Dolly Memorial Crèche and Nursery, you just entered into a very special school. Dolly Memorial is a close-knit educational community that promotes the academic and social development of all students in a safe, friendly environment. Our vision is to be the ultimate educational institution in the child development sector, with a focus on offering exceptional training to every child in our care. I am honored and humbled to be the headmistress of this school. Our dedicated staff at Dolly Memorial Crèche and Nursery serves over 400 children ranging from 3 months to 5 years. In addition to the core curriculum, the school offers gifted and learning support services, and reading support (including Reading Recovery). Dolly Memorial Crèche and Nursery children experience daily instruction in one of these specialty areas: art, music, physical education, library, and technology. Parents/Guardians are always welcome to our school. We consider you as equal partners in providing our children with meaningful educational experiences. Further, we encourage you to become active participants in school programs and classroom activities. We have an aspiration for all our children that through their school journey they will fulfil their academic potential and become successful lifelong learners. In addition, we endeavour that our children will possess high levels of both social and emotional intelligence so that they are well placed to succeed and thrive in the future, becoming active and productive members of society. I am happy to be part of such an outstanding team at Dolly Memorial Crèche and Nursery School. We invite you to join our school community as we work together to best serve our children. Visit us at Dolly and meet our children and staff while you share with us that unique experience.

Headmistress - Evelyn Ama Frempong (Ms)



The 2018 chocolate is an initiative taken by the staff and children of Dolly Memorial school to highlight the nutritional benefits of cocoa. The day is marked as a way of sharing with friends. Children in their red and brown T-shirts expressed their love to each other by giving out any of the cocoa products displayed in the school. As part of the program the school also prepared some cocoa drinks for parents to enjoy before leaving the school premises.

A teacher from each department briefed the children on the history of cocoa using samples of the displayed products. The children were excited and made to understand that every Valentine day is a time to share with everyone.

This is celebrated annually. All pupils come in dressed to match their respective dream professions; e.g. Engineers, Businessmen/women, Doctors, Technicians, Lawyers, Carpenters, Teachers, Pilots, Servicemen/women, Nurses, etc.

This programme is used to enlighten the child on the various professions and their relevance to society and also help build their focus to work towards attaining their various dream professions in the future.

This is to commemorate Ghana’s Independence Anniversary with a traditional day each in March of each year. Activities for the day include, exhibition of artifacts, cultural display, durbar, singing patriotic songs and storytelling. Some indigenous dishes including Aprapransa, Ofam, Kenkey and Fish, Banku and Okro Stew, Ampesi, Yakeyake, Aboloo, etc. and drinks including Asaana, Pito, Sobolo, Palm Wine, Brukutu, Nmεdaa, etc. are exhibited.

All children come to school dressed in traditional wear reflecting their various cultures with local food. Various lectures are given to the children about Ghana’s Independence and her various cultures. Parents and guardians are invited to be part of the day and also have a taste of the food and drinks.

To make school fun and tap potential in every child in our care, we offer the following extracurricular activities

  • French Club
  • Reading Club
  • Music and Dance
  • Art and Creativity
  • Indoor and outdoor play for the children
  • Audio/Video (Language Activity Laboratory) programmes
  • Montessori Activities (Montessori Laboratory)
  • A graduation ceremony is scheduled for July each year at the end of the academic year. Pupils at Kindergarten 2 who have been prepared to begin basic school graduate to join Grade One at Dolly International School or any basic school of their choice.

    The line-up of activities for the day include cultural performances, songs, brass band music, recitals, presentation of certificates and prizes, salsa, choreography and other interesting activities put together by the pupils to make the day grand. This special day brings together the Dolly family to celebrate the graduands. It is a moment of joy for most of the graduands, some of whom started school when they were only 3 months old.




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